YUV to RGB convertion

YUV to RGB convertion

I've noticed that the library has functions to convertyuv to rgb, but only to YUV444 and YUV422. I want to use this library to convert image data from IEEE1394 cameras. These camera output their data into YUV411,YUV422 and YUV444. Will YUV411 also be supported by the ipp library in the near feature?

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Weare continuouslyimprovingthe IPP functionality, so we will consider this feature request. But for now we can't set the particular date when this functionality will be entered in the library.


One more question about the convertion. Is it internally done with floats or fixed point?I found some convertion code that clams its faster then the ipl library because it's uses fixed point calculations.

Optimization techniques is depend on the algorithm and on the processor microarchitecture. So,in some caseswe may usefixed point implementation but in other caseswe may usefloat-point implementation.

According to the IPP manual and to the IDC 1.3 specifications (firewire camera standard) the YUV422 is not the same in both cases.

While in IPP we have
Y0 U0 Y1 V0 Y2 U1 Y3 V1 ...
in firewire cameras we have
U0 Y0 V0 Y1 U2 Y2 V2 Y3 ...

Why are they not the same?!

Does any one have successfully use firewire cameras with IPP?


why they are must be the same?!

They are different, because there are a lot of ways to store YUV images. We do support one of them, you know, it is impossible to support all the features you can face in world.

However,we plan to have some functionality for UYVY formats in future versions of IPP. So, I hope, we can provide you more possibilitiesin near future.


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