Lossless JPEG and 16bit JPEG Grayscale Support

Lossless JPEG and 16bit JPEG Grayscale Support


I am needing an optimized library that does Lossless JPEGthat supports 16-bit JPEG Grayscale images as well. The optimization is for Itanium2-64bit (and Linux).

Is IPP the right API for this?


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The IPP v4.0 does not support Lossless JPEG mode (in thetermsof the standard ISO/IEC 10918-1). We are considering to add such support in the next versions of IPP.

What do you think about the standard ISO/IEC 14495 (JPEG-LS)? What is more suitable for your purposes?



Thank you forthe quick feedback. I had posted my question in the premier support a week ago, and haven't hada response (issue no 222812).

JPEG-LS (near lossless) wouldn't fit our requirement. We need lossless as theapplication will be in the medical field. The specific decompression we are seekinghas to be:

a) Lossless JPEG
b) Support for 16-bit grayscale.

We are loading a DICOM image file format. The constraint we are having is that we need to load 1024 of these images as fast as we can on an Itanium2 running on Linux. (We are hoping to achieve a 2ms decompression time which makes the total loading time to be at 2 seconds.)

Is there a timeline when we might know if the Lossless support will be added to the IPP. We don't need this right away but looking to deploy in six months to a year.

Also, if you can comment on what the performance might be on a 512x512 16bit compressed image, that would be helpful as well.

Thank you,

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