IPP 4.0 and Windows98

IPP 4.0 and Windows98

Hi! My name is Goodyear Kim in korea.

I'm a IPP4.0 Cutstomer.

I made MP3 Encoder & Decoder with IPP4.0. But itdoesn'trun on Windows98.

The IPP4.0 can notsupport Windows98?

It's a big problem to me. Quater of my customer use Windows98.

If IPP3.0 support Windows98, how can I get it?

Plz help me. Thanx a lot.

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Dear Customer,
Please check this web site for theoperating systemswe support in Intel IPP 4.0:
http://www.intel.com/software/products/ipp/sysreq.htm. This latest version of IPP has dropped Windows*98 support, but old version of IPP 3.0 did support it.

If youand your customers would like to getfurther technicalhelp from Intel on this issue, pleaselogin to IntelPremier Support at https://premier.intel.com and submit this issue with details for example: what is the runtime error message while running mp3 coding samples in Windows*98? is this problem reproduciable in other operating systmes? So our support staff will provide timelyassistance on this issue.

Intel IPP

For Intel IPP Official Technical Support, please contact us via https://premier.intel.com

For Intel IPP on-line help, please visit

For Intel general software support information, visit

For Intel Performance Libraries Forums, visit:


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Could you give some more information on what exactly does not work with Windows 98? I don't understand what, in this kind of library, would rely so heavily on operating system functions that it could not run on Windows 98.

Does part of it work? Most of it? Or nothing at all? What happens on systems using Windows 98? I'm linking in IPP using a custom static library, will that make a difference?

Any details you could provide would be very helpful. I just don't understand what could fail on Windows 98, or how it would fail.


when we are speaking that we do not support Windows98 it means that we do not test IPP under Windows98. Because of that, we do not garantee that it will work on Windows 98, and we do not provide technical support for Windows 98 users.

But of course IPP do not rely on the system's specific things, so theoretically it will work under Windows98.


Thank you, that's what I was hoping to hear. :)

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