DV encoder sample

DV encoder sample

In DV encoder sample , We need input a file in YUV format and a out file name.
What kinds of file I can input in this sample?
I had tried to input a .yuv image file that size is 740x480 24 bits color.
But the program receive a error message.

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Dear Customer,

I tested this DV encoder sample with a 720x480 YUV file, it just worked fine.

If youwould like to getIntel IPP official technical support, pleaselogin to IntelPremier Support at https://premier.intel.com and submit this issue so our IPP support staff will look into this issue. By the way, please also include the detailed error message and attach your YUV file.

Intel IPP

Why not offer such test bitstreams with video codec samples ?

There are can be some legal issues

What are the issues ?
Can you explain them ?

Actually this question for legal people, not for me. I recommend you contact with technical support on this issue.


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