ippmSub_vav_32f_3x1_P (was RE: Introductions)

ippmSub_vav_32f_3x1_P (was RE: Introductions)

Hi friends,
I need your help. I would like to know how to use
IppStatus ippmSub_vav_32f_3x1_P (const Ipp32f** pSrc1, Ipp32s src1ROIShift,const Ipp32f** pSrc2, Ipp32s src2ROIShift, Ipp32f** pDst, Ipp32s dstROIShift, Ipp32u count) with an example. Thank you very much.

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Dear user,

your message was moved to the right place. Please, use the Introduction thread to introduce yourself, rather thanto discuss other things.

Thank you,

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