Hi My name is Amanda Sharp and I am an Intel IPP Technical Consulting Engineer. I look forward to contributing to this forum and I am very interested in what other participants have to say. I know I will learn a lot. Please use this thread to introduce yourself to the community.

Be sure to check out other resources including the Intel IPP web site for product specifications and whitepapers, and also the Intel IPP support site for FAQs, technical notes, and errata.

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Weclome toIntel IPP forum!

My name is Ying Song, an Technical Consulting Engineer for Intel IPP.
I am very excited toshare IPP product experience and knowledge with each of you in this new place. :-)

I am also very interested in hearing from you aboutany feedback on our product and help us to improve the quality of our product.

Look forward to hearing from you soon :-)

Ying Song
Intel Corp.
(For Intel IPP official technical support, please use Intel Premier Support at

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My name is Vladimir Dudnik and Iamthe co-manager ofIPP Media team.I will moderate this forum. Wewelcome all the people interested in usingIPP and we are hoping this place willbe friendly and useful for software developers.


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Hi friends,
I need your help. I would like to know how to use
IppStatus ippmSub_vav_32f_3x1_P (const Ipp32f** pSrc1, Ipp32s src1ROIShift,const Ipp32f** pSrc2, Ipp32s src2ROIShift, Ipp32f** pDst, Ipp32s dstROIShift, Ipp32u count) with an example. Thank you very much.

Thanks for your work!

Hi. I'm Stewart Taylor. I was the chief architect of IPP from the beginning (andsome of thehigher-level libraries that preceded it) until abouttwo years ago. I recently completed a book on the API to be published this month by Intel Press. The book, titled Intel Integrated Performance Primitives: How to Optimize Software Applications Using Intel IPP, contains dozens of examples with detailed explanations of how to use IPP across all of its domains.

I'm going to be participating in this forum over the next few weeks to answer some questions and engage indiscussionsabout the book and about IPP.


offtop question 2 sntaylor
Where i can order your book?

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Three ways you can order, please check this web site
and find the order information on the right side of page.

Hope it helps.


What about translations of this book? Are they available now or might be planned to be translated? I'm interested in russian version.


Hi Vadim,

Actually, I don't know about translation of this book to russian, but usually, programmers know english somehow, is not it? But I like your idea:)


I renamed this message, to make it more visible. Please use appropriate subject for messages, to make it simple for people to find them.

I am using primarily OpenCv functions. Sometimes it is nice to use the Ipp functions. What is an easy way to convert IplImage to Ipp and vice versa?

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Hi.I'm kok fai here...i'm software engineer and hv been technical support pass few years...and i dun know wht IPP all about...anyway...i will go through the intel website to get some intro there....hope any expert here guide me wht is IPP all about..thanks...nice to meet u all


you are welcome!

IPP is set of libraries which contains Intel Architecture optimized implementation of functions for wide range areas, like media (speech, video and audio codecs), 1D and 2D signal processing (filtering, DCT, WT and so one), cryptography and lot of other.


Hi.. We are planning to check how IPP could help us in our Scientific programming....


welcome to IPP world:)
I hope you'll find these libraries useful for your work.
We'll waiting for feedback from you.


Doknow how to implement a simple delay audio effect using IPP(for XScale)? Or some code source or URL that helps me?

Im working on a Dsp project using EVC(embedded visual c++) and some source code will be very useful

Vitor Braga


I'm a researcher at Minho University, I've worked for some time with image processing / computer vision.

I developed some code of my own and tried some major optimizations. Now that I found out about intel IPP... all of my previous work is TRASH!

I'm working with non-linear attractor dynamics applied to autonomous flying robots and some of my work benefits from the use of IPP.

I'm working under Linux with a QT aplication and also with a console appliaction with SVGALIB.

Thanks for this excellent tool you developed. It's great!

Andr Moreira
Inteligent Autonomous Robotics & Non-Linear Dynamics Systems Laboratory
Minho University - Portugal

Thanks for your comments.

My name is Joe Zou. Nice to meet you!
I have some questions to IPP deta5.0, could you help me to solve them? I can describe them and gain your best help. Thanks.
My E-mail;

Dear Customer,
Please let us know what your questions are.

You can always contact us for product support via Intel Premier Support.

For IPP 5.0 beta issues, please submit them into product "Beta Intel IPP for Windows*", "Beta Intel IPP for Linux*" and "Beta Intel IPP Samples".


Hi all,

Thanks for this forum. I am a new comer in using IPP Library. Hope this forum will help me much in future :) Thanks for Intel and all communities for their hard work on IPP.



Hi gunawan,

thanks and welcome, hope you will find there information you need and just will have a couple good minutes talking with other developers, sharing ideas, knowledge and solving possible issues


Hi! My name is Wu Yu. I'm from Tongji University,Shanghai. I'm a member of intel embeded lab. Now I'm learning optimizm program with Intel IPP. I hope some experts guide me with IPP. Thanks very much! :)

Wu Yu

Hi Wu Yu,

I've reached a right place! I believe you can find there many people who can help you with using of IPP. Of course you can also use search in this board to see if there already were answers foryour question.


Hi My name is Zieb Rana, I am using IPP libraries for writing mpeg4 application for a ipaq running linux. I opened a new thread for a question. I will

really appreciate if someone can help me for the answer.


Hi Zieb, you are welcome. Hope you'll find many useful info here.

Hello friends,

I'm Paramesh from India.
Hope this forum will do me a lot of good.

Thank You,
Best Regards,

Hi Paramesh,

We are glad to see you on IPP forum and hope you will find it useful


Hi, My name is Kevin Pirkl.... Thanks for supporting the Intel Software Forums..

Hi one more thought...... I'm in the Intel IDS Group.... Thanks again..

Hi, My name is Thijs Elenbaas and I work as a 3D imaging scientist for a large medical company. We are using IPP to speed up all kinds of image processing.

Like most people, I suppose, I found this forum because not everything is working quite as I had expected and I am hoping to benefit from all the knowledge present at this forum :-)

Hi Thijs,

I hope you will find there information which can help you with your issues. By the way, what parts of IPP are most interesting/useful in medical applications? What you think is absent in IPP functionality? Samples?


Hello everyone.

We are developing a movie converter with IPP and IPP samples.


thanks for your information. It would be great if you can provide your feedback about IPP and samples, how it was useful for you, are there enough functionality and performance? Would be better if you create separate thread for that.

BTW, what version of IPP and what platform do you use?


Hi everyone. We're developping a music sequencer called FL Studio, made in Delphi.

Hi, hope you find IPP useful for your purposes. By the way, do you have any throubles using IPP in Delphi?


Hi, my name is Dirk Niggemann and I am working with IPP to perform conversions between different speech compression formats for a VoIP message recorder system.

Hi Dirk and welcome to IPP community:)

Hope you will find there what you are looking for..

Hi all,

I am chetan from Singapore. I'm a software engineer in a video processing company. I've been using IPP for some time now. Overall, it's great. :) This forum is really helpful to me. take care.

Hi Chetan, welcome to IPP community!


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