I need a consultant who can teach me how to interface 2-channel and 8-channel sound cards to Intel IPP Beta 4.0 IIR and FIR cascaded filters. I have calculated filter coefficients but do not quite understand how to get the .wav signals in out of the sound card. The consultant should have expertise in IPP 4.0, Visual Studio 2003, DirectX 9, DirectShow 9, and C++. My location is Lexington, MA.

Presently I can pass a signal from input to output of my laptop sound card using DirectSound FullDuplexFilter sample or the DirectShow AudioCapture Sample. I need code to allow me to insert a number of IPP filters and eliminate any inefficient Microsoft portions.

I plan to use Apogee Digital Rosetta 800 8-channel A/D and D/A converters as a sound card with Firewire connection and driver to a Pentium 4 computer running Windows XP. Audio is 24-bit 88 kHz or 96 kHz and IIR filter computations are double precision. In addition to separate FIR and IIR filtering any input can be mixed into any output either before or after filtering.

I have generated a software block diagram in Excel and a 2.6 Mbyte .pdf project description

Dick B.

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Hi Dick,

Thanks for your post. I just wanted to let you know that we are planning to launch an Intel Performance Libraries forum in December. You can check back at that time and post your message to the Intel IPP forum if you haven't located a consultant by then.

--Amanda S.
Intel IPP Support


I probably can help, I have been using Intel IPP in real-time audio applications sincethe introduction of the library (was before Intel Signal processing library). Please email me at if you are still looking for a consultant.

Thank you.

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