IPP 7.1 UMC sample code problem with ParserCmd/DString

IPP 7.1 UMC sample code problem with ParserCmd/DString

I'm working with w_ipp-samples_p_7.1.0.011.zip, specifically umc_video_dec_con.cpp using Windows 7.  I've created a sln/vcproj file using VS2008 and the code sucessfully compiles.   The problem is that the ParserCmd or perhaps DString code is not printing or reading text strings correctly.  The default output below illustrates the problem: the output should contain no "?" characters.  I am also having the same issue when it is reading command line arguments and it will not produce a correct string.  In some, but not all cases, the latter half of the string is corrupted.  Is there a setting perhaps in VS2008 that I am missing?  Thanks.


Usage: umc_video_??????????? [-i] InputFile [[-o] OutputFile] [Options]


  -i          input f????????

   -o          output f????????

   -c          input reference file ??????????????????????

   -t          number o?????????

   -r          output resolutio????????????????

   -f          output co??????????

   -b          output ????????

   -n          frames??????

   -d          perform de???????????

   -k          don't keep aspect ???????????????????

   -s          frames interva???????????????

       --c??   input crc32 value to co???????????????????????

   -h  --he??  print?????

IPP o??????: 

--ipp????      target IPP optimization (SSE, SSE2, SSE???????????????????????? ???????????????

  --ipp_t??????  limit internal??????????????

Color formats: gray yv12 nv12 yuy2 uyvy yuv420 yuv422 yuv444

               rgb24 rgb32 bgr24 bgr32 bgr565 bgr555 bgr444

Error: invalid input parameters

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Hi Gregory,

Did you generate VS2008 project/solution files using the build script? If yes, the "character set" solution property, as long as dependent projects' "character set" properties should be set to "Not Set" values. That means, they must use plain ASCII character representation. In this case the help message output and command line parsing should be OK.

Check, please.


That was it! Thanks very much for taking the time to help. Regards, Greg.

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