AVC/H.264 licensing

AVC/H.264 licensing

We are planning to add HPEG4/H.264 video export to our application. We currently have licenses for the IPP and plan to use the UMC samples with IPP v6.1 to implement this functionality.

I understand that further licensing fees may be payable: would we be fully covered by making an agreement with MPEG LA for the AVC/H.264 Patent Portfolio? Or are further fees payable to Intel?

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Hi Philip,

The short answer is "no" for additional fees to Intel, but it is up to you to ensure compliance with other parties. For more info see the general IPP FAQ and the IPP licensing FAQ.

There are several improvements in the IPP 7.1 samples you may want to consider. If you're developing for Windows I'll be glad to provide more information here or in email about IPP's UMC vs Media SDK. Are you developing for Windows only or multiple OSes?

Best regards,


Thanks, Jeff.

I had a look at the Media SDK before I started on this work: it definitely looks interesting however we need cross platform: Windows and Mac OS X.

Hi Jeff, We are developing application on Windows and we would like to know the difference between IPP's UMC and Media SDK. What are the advantages of Media SDK over IPP, if we are running on system where hardware acceleration is not available ?

This is a big topic, we can move to another thread if appropriate. Here are some highlights though:

Media SDK's software implementation has several internal improvements, including a different threading model. Relative performance of Media SDK and UMC will vary with different inputs, resolutions, machines, etc. However, if you develop code using Media SDK's software implementation you will have the option of using hardware acceleration in the future, even if the system you're developing with/targeting does not have hardware acceleration today. Another thing to consider is that Media SDK is a product and UMC is a sample.

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