Composer 2013 integration along with Composer 2011 integration

Composer 2013 integration along with Composer 2011 integration

Hello everyone!

I have VS 2012 installed on my system along with VS 2005.

I have a specific need to continue to work with VS 2005 and Composer 2011 along with VS 2012 and Composer 2013. Is there any way to have VS 2012 with Composer 2013 integrated in it and VS 2005 with Composer 2011 integrated in it? (Since Composer 2013 does not have VS 2005 integration)?


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Hi Dany,

Not sure if i catch you correctly. what you hope is
1) VS2005 + Composer 2011 work
2) VS2012 + Composer 2013 work.

And I assumed that Composer 2011 haven't vs2012 integration and cmposer 2013 don't have 2005 integration. So if you install both composer 2011 and composer 2013. then the model is established by default. is there any exact problem make them work?

Best Regards,


Is there a particular component in our tool suite you are interested in?

- Chuck

Hello Ying.

The problem is, that when I install composer 2013, even that it does not have VS 2005 integration, the integration of composer 2011 to VS 2005 is disabled. We can not open .icproj files anymore.
If I try to install composer 2011 after that and enable VS 2005 integration - integration of composer 2013 to VS 2012 is disabled.
Since composer 2013 does not have integration option to VS 2005 there is no possibility for me to have intel integration for both VS 2012 and VS 2005 installed on my machine.

Is there any solution for that?

Hello Deny,

I escalated to our install engineer team. it seems a known limitation. Intel fortran Composer team had some solutions for these,

The general steps are like
1. Install “VS2005 + Composer 2011 IDE”
2. Copy all VS2005 related IDE files to backup folder
3. Install “VS2012 + Composer 2013 IDE”
4. Return back all VS2005 related files
5. Register all COM dll back

Could you tell me the exact file name of composer XE 2013 and 2011? (fortran , C++ composer or IPP?)

Best Regards,

We do not use Fortran composer, only C++.
And we do not have "Intel Fortran" directories, so those articles are not helpful.

I will try to be more specific.
Some of our projects are .icproj files and not .vcproj files.
We want to be able to open .icproj files in VS2005 after installing Composer 2013, and we want to be able to compile with Intel Compiler in VS2012. Is there any way to do it?

Hi Dany,

Thanks for the information. then the key different steps between C++ and fortran are No.2 and No.5

1. Install “VS2005 + Composer 2011 IDE”
2. Copy all VS2005 related IDE files to backup folder
3. Install “VS2012 + Composer 2013 IDE”
4. Return back all VS2005 related files
5. Register all COM dll back

I received Install team's reply. All C++ VS2005 related IDE Files are below. You may need to back up then and register all after step 4. would you please try them and let us know if any problem?.

/VS Integration/Common Tools/VS2005/Intel.CommonTools.dll
/VS Integration/Common Tools/VS2005/ja/Intel.CommonTools.resources.dll
/intel/shared files/VS Integration/C++/VS2005/integrate.bat
/intel/shared files/VS Integration/C++/VS2005/OptPkg.dll
/intel/shared files/VS Integration/C++/VS2005/IntelPkg.dll
/intel/shared files/VS Integration/C++/VS2005/icUtil.dll
/intel/shared files/VS Integration/C++/VS2005/1033/icUtilUI.dll
/intel/shared files/VS Integration/C++/VS2005/1033/OptPkgUI.dll
/intel/shared files/VS Integration/C++/VS2005/1033/IntelPkgUI.dll
/intel/shared files/VS Integration/C++/VS2005/1041/icUtilUI.dll
/intel/shared files/VS Integration/C++/VS2005/1041/OptPkgUI.dll
/intel/shared files/VS Integration/C++/VS2005/1041/IntelPkgUI.dll
< InstallDir >/VS Integration/C++/VS2005/ICMnuPkg.CompPro.dll
< InstallDir >/VS Integration/C++/VS2005/ja/ICMnuPkg.CompPro.resources.dll
< InstallDir >/VS Integration/C++/VS2005/InstallMnu.bat
< InstallDir >/VS Integration/C++/VS2005/UninstallMnu.bat
< InstallDir >/VS Integration/C++/VS2005/RegReplace.vbs
< InstallDir >/VS Integration/C++/VS2005/ICMnuPkg.CompPro.regx
Best Regards,

Thank you Ying.
I actually solved the problem.
I used Compiler 11++ integration for that. The correct steps are:

1. Install “VS2005 + Compiler 11"
3. Install “VS2012 + Composer 2013 IDE”
3. Install "Compiler 11" integration to VS2005 again.

Hi Dany,
Excellent:0. thank you much for the sharing. Yes, reinstall Compiler 11 integration to VS2005 , which shoudl same functionality of Return back all VS2005 related files and register all com dll.


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