Inplace Normalize?

Inplace Normalize?

The documentation for Add, Multiply states that to use inplace just use the same pointers.

For ippsNormalize_xxx there is not that comment.

Can I call the ippsNormalize_xxx functions with the same pointers.

Thank you.


PS:  I could not find any way to search this forum.

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Which version of IPP are you using?

I'm using 7.0 right now, moving to 7.1 shortly

only out of place mode is valid in that function.

I did a little experiment. . I found that on a i7 2.8 GHz processor (Dell Precsion 1500) the normalize took about 54.1 milliseconds for an input of 50 million floats. I used Add in place followed by amultiple in place and found it averaged 54.2 milliseconds for 50 million floats. So there was little difference. That said, it would be nice, and apparently easly, to have an inplace normalize.

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