how can i get the ipp library that openmp is disabled

how can i get the ipp library that openmp is disabled

hey all,

    we are frequently suffered crash in ippisharpenfilter. From the backtrace, it seems that the cause is the openmp as omp_get_num_threads is called at the deepest stack. So I think the ipp library shipped with icc compiler is openmp enabled. Is there anyway i can get an ipp lib that openmp is disabled? 

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In the current releases of IPP (including 7.1) the dynamic library is threaded. However, there are nonthreaded static versions of the IPP libraries with no OpenMP. In IPP's library naming scheme _l is nonthreaded static, _t is threaded static, and no underscore is dynamic. The steps to get linking set up are slightly different based on OS and version of IPP. Which OS and IPP version are you using?

Hi Jeffrey, my OS is centos 5.8 x86_64 and IPP version is 7.0.7. How to link to the nonthreaded ipp?

Jeffrey, I have linked the static library and the crash disappeared.

Glad to hear that you've been able to take care of the crash. Is this a sufficient workaround or do you need dynamic linking?
By the way, IPP is moving away from internal threading. The deprecation process for the internally threaded static and dynamic libraries starts in IPP 7.1. Please write back if there are any concerns.

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