Ipp and libiomp5md with VS2008

Ipp and libiomp5md with VS2008

I am trying to link aganst libiomp5md.lib to use OpenMP with visual studio 2008. Out license is for version 6, thus we need to make it work for now.

I want dll dynamically linked.

I have both /NoDefaultLib and /Zl in place but I always get this:

1>VideoTracker.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __You_must_link_with_Microsoft_OpenMP_library

Apparently I am not inadvertently linking against vcomp because of the error message, what troubles me is however that this symbol is defiend inside libiomp5md.lib but somehow linker ignores it. Well it is dynamically linked so I do not understand why MS has decided to link statically to that symbol however!

Is there any .obj file that has this pesky symbol defined in it?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

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I assume you are using 32 bit Visual Studio. Did you spawn "devenv" from an cmd window after calling ippvars.bat?

Thanks Chuck for the response.
Yes it is 32bit but I do not have ippvars.bat, only ippenv.bat which sets some environment variables.
I actually have set the IPPROOT\stublib (where ipp*.lib and libiomp5md.lib import libraries reside) in a vsprops file as environment variable, and I am already using many ipp functions without linking error.
Is there any environment variable that I need to set?

Again I appreciate any help on this.


In the VideoTracker.obj source, there is any OpenMP threading code? Some IPP sample code is threaded with OpenMP, if these sample code is included, it may also include the openMP code.


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