Recursive filters

Recursive filters


IPP has functions ippiFilterRow and ippiFilterColumn for applying seperable 1-dimensional filters to an image.

I had hoped that the in-place versions of these functions would implement a recursive filter, ie: y[i] = k1y[i-1] + k2y[i-2] + ... which updates y[i] after computation and uses that as the next value for (what will become) y[i-1].  My initial tests seem to indicate that this is not the case.  Is this expected?  If it is expected, is there functionality available in IPP for recursive 1-dimensional filters (going in both the forwards and backwards directions)?


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It is true that filter are not the repeat ones. Do you want to filter data on each line and each column? You may try the one dimensional filter function here:


Thanks that's exactly what I need.

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