Building Application Using UMC in Linux

Building Application Using UMC in Linux

I am trying to build the simple decoder sample code using the UMC library on linux and am unsure how to go about building it.  I created my own makefile and started to hunt around for all the include paths I would need for all the umc include files that are required. I quickly went down a rabbit hole where some includes need other includes and so on. 

Is there a defined method for doing this that will setup the include paths and any other environment variables for me in order to build with the UMC libraries?  I can't seem to find anything other then for IPP I need to source the script to setup the IPP environment variables.  Thanks in advance for the help.

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Hi Stephen,

What is the version of the UMC sample you are looking at?

If you are building the version IPP 7.0 and before. There is Makefile ready in the sample, you can just enter command
> source
>./ gcc4
Then everthing should be fine.

And if you are building the last IPP 7.1 version. Here is the user guide, You may refer it and let us know if any problem.


I am using IPP I have no problem building the samples using the perl script. Now that I have the samples built, I am now trying to write my own simple decoder application that I can then link against the now-built UMC libraries. Is there a Makefile or recommended procedure for building my own code to link against the UMC libraries that get built from the audio-video-codecs sample?

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Hi Stephen,

There are no recommendations, but you can try to prepare a simple CMake script for your own application the same way they are done for complete UMC applications (not libraries). Take an existing script as an example and modify it. It will compile all modules in /src directory and will link object files with libraries specified in LIBS_OWN string.


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