Can't build Intel® IPP 7.1 Samples

Can't build Intel® IPP 7.1 Samples


I download the new Intel IPP 7.1 and ipp-samples. also I download CMake* 2.8.8 and  ActiveState* perl.

My OS is Win7  32 bit i5.

When I tried to compile the audio-video-codecs I encountered an Error:

C:\IPP 7.1.1\ipp-samples.\builder>perl --cmake=audio-video-cod
CNot searching for unused variables given on the command line.
Make Error: The source directory "C:/IPP 7.1.1/ipp-samples." does not exist.
Specify --help for usage, or press the help button on the CMake GUI.

Can someone please assist?



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Hi Genady,

I upload the project you asked by premier.

Just a quick idea, the directory structure seems do a trick. How about keep the initial structure: l C:\IPP 7.1.1\w_ipp-samples_p_7.1.1.013\ipp-samples.\builder ?

Best Regards,

Hi Genady,

Please, make sure that there are no spaces in directory names. doesn't like them.

upload the two msvc2010 projects with the post. As the project is using absolute path, please 1) create a directory under C: C:\Temp. 2) extract w_ipp-samples_p_7.1.1.013 there. The directory structure is like C:\Temp\w_ipp-samples_p_7.1.1.013\ipp-samples. 3) extract the C:\Temp\w_ipp-samples_p_7.1.1.013\ipp-samples.\__cmake


Downloadapplication/zip cmake.zip517.6 KB


I cannot create VS 2010 solution with cmake. 

Folder: /ipp-samples. 

It gives this error:

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:20 (make_executable):

Unknown CMake command "make_executable".


Genady, please make sure that you have no spaces in paths. This is know issue and will be fixed.
Serhat, can you please upload full log of run? You should run command like " -cmake=..... > log.txt 2>&1"

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