failed in building intel IPP7.1 samples

failed in building intel IPP7.1 samples

Hi ,I'm trying to build the Intel® IPP 7.1 Samples,but when I input the commnd "perl --cmake=uic,intel64,make,d,mt,debug --build --clean ",I am getting the following error:CMake was unable to find a build program corresponding to "Unix Mkae files". CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRSM is not set. You probably need to select a different build tool. When I input "perl --cmake=uic,intel64,vc2010,d,mt,debug --build --clean ", I am getting the following error:Not searching for unused variables given on the commad line.........,

my system win7 64bit ,core i-3,vs2010,Please help me in building. I want to use VS2010 IDE for working with IPP



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This is the error picture!


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"Unix Makefiles" are not available on Windows (excluding cygwin option).
"Not searching for unused variables given on the command line." - this is just a WARNING from CMake, which means don't warn about command line options. It's OK!

1. To get native VS2010 solutions - use "vc2010" configurator:
perl --cmake=uic,intel64,vc2010,d,mt,debug --build --clean
2. To get native NMake Makefiles (makefiles for Windows) use "nmake":
perl --cmake=uic,intel64,nmake,d,mt,debug --build --clean

Can you run this command and attach log.txt?
perl --cmake=uic,intel64,vc2010,d,mt,debug --build --clean > log.txt 2>&1

Best Regards.

I have investigated your log.txt file and these is such a line:
"Intel(R) IPP was not found (required)!".

This means you don't have IPP installed or %IPPROOT% environment variable isn't set.
Before build, you must call IPP or Composer environment.
Please refer to Documentation/ipp-samples.html, section "Installation and Build".

Best Regards.

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