Function ippiResizeYUV422_8u_C2R is very nice.  Actually I'd also appreciate a version with reversed byte ordering. Something like ippiResizeCbYCr422_8u_C2R would be very handy. This format is also known as 2VUY and it is pretty common and well supported by hardware vendors.



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Resize support, especially for packed YUV formats, is tricky. There are many formats and limited resources. Sorry to say that the ippiResizeYUV422_8u_C2R function is deprecated in IPP 7.1. Have you considered the replacement functions? (ippiResizeYUV422Nearest_8u_C2R, ippiResizeYUV422Linear_8u_C2R)? Will these interpolation algorithms be sufficient? If not, please enter this at http://software.intel.com/sites/products/ipp-deprecated-features-feedbac....

The 422 resize functions work with YUY2 format. I can log the request for 2VUY support, but can't guarantee if it will be added to the library, or any timelines. In the meantime, converting the data to YUY2 to work with the existing functions may be your best workaround, or perhaps resize in RGB if the data is already converted for other processing -- but you probably already have a solution that is similar or better.

Thanks for your feedback on this. Best regards,


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