Insertion of SCTE 35 messages in MPEG-2 TS

Insertion of SCTE 35 messages in MPEG-2 TS


I have to implement insertion of SCTE 35 splice informations into MPEG2 TS. Does UMC::MPEG2Muxer support this kind of operations?

What kind of objects should I use to be able to do this?

Should I be able to implement my own support for insertion of SCTE 35 messages into MPEG2 TS?


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some comments from our expert:
The muxer/splitter only support on the media (audio/video) data only. User needs to develop their code if they want to support the private data.


Thank's for the answer.
Does this mean that I should create a sort of private stream data and modify the muxer for it to understand my private stream? What kind of UMC::MPEG2Muxer track type should I use to do so? Or should I insert the SCTE 35 splice information in the MPEG-2 TS after muxing?

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