Multithreading (ipps_t.lib & ipps_l.lib)

Multithreading (ipps_t.lib & ipps_l.lib)



My applciation uses lot of signal processing intel IPP functions. Now we are trying to move the application to multi-threaded(ipps_t.lib) lib. Not all the IPP functions used in our application are multi-threaded (ThreadedFunctionsList.txt). So to use the MT function and single threaded function do we need to include both (ipps_t.lib & ipps_l.lib) libaries in the linker dependencies. If I include just (ipps_t.lib) then there are linking error as lot of symbols not found.

If we use both the libraries then which implementatio is picked.

Kindly help in resolving the issue.

Note : We are using static linking with dispatching. We are using Vs2008 and MS compiler to bulid our application.




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there are not sence to use both of these lib's in one application. You can left ipps*_t.lib only and remove all linerat libraries because of from performance point of view the results would be the same.


rohitspandey wrote:

If I include just (ipps_t.lib) then there are linking error as lot of symbols not found.

Hi Rohit,

This must not happen. The libraries are interchangeable (one is not a complement for the other). Could you provide a couple names which are not resolved in your application?


Hi Rohit,

Please provide as much as possible technical details ( linker errors, compiler and linker options ). It is not possible to understand what is going on with your project.

Best regards,

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