How to load static libs

How to load static libs


I use Intel IPP Composer XE 2011 SP1 and ipp-samples_p_7.0.7.064. My machine OS in Win7  32-bit my DirectX version is 11.

When I tried to load audio video codec or speech-codec I need to load the ipps.lib for instance.

This is located in the $(IPPROOT)\lib\ia32. when I run my application it also need to load the ipps-7.0.dll.

Is there any soluition which I will not need the ipps-7.0.dll? because it seems that I will need to "take" with me the all dll's.

Thanks alot for your help.

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In visual c++ there is a selection under properties that allows for static linking. May not help but might.

Hi Genady,

Use ipps_l.lib instead.

ipps.lib is DLL export library, while ipp*_l (or, ipp*_t for multi-thread version) are ordinary static libs.



Inorder to compile the  speech-codec in static mode all I needed to do is to set Environment variable  Linkage=1. and then compile it with build_32.bat. 


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