UMC::ThreadedDemuxer trouble in IPP6.1 version

UMC::ThreadedDemuxer trouble in IPP6.1 version

Hi, I am a software R&D engineer. At present, I am putting into use IPP develop Audio/Video transcoding software. I try to use size is 2.23 G of file of mpeg2 to decoding,but it has error happen. The error location "while (m_End.dTime < 0.0) {
start = (start > uiStepAtTheEnd) ? start - uiStepAtTheEnd : 0;
m_pParser->SetPosition(start); m_Corrector.ResetAfterReposition();
tmpEnd.uiPos = start;
// find latest time at the interval [start; end] umcRes = UMC_OK; while (UMC_OK == umcRes && m_End.uiPos < end) umcRes = m_Corrector.GetSystemTimeUpTo(m_End, end);
end = start; uiStepAtTheEnd *= 2; }" in umc_demuxer.cpp file. This error cause the software doesn't reaction. How to solve this problem?

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Luo, Is there any error when m_pParser->SetPosition( start ) is called on your 2.23GB mpeg2 file?

No error.
Suddenly, it can't debug in debug process.

Maybe data type not supported beyond 2G ?

>>No error.

What do you mean? If you're on a Windows platform did you call a Win32 API function GetLastError()?

>>Suddenly, it can't debug in debug process.

Please provide technical details about your environment ( hardware, memory, OS, IDE, version C/C++ compiler, etc ).

In case of a Visual Studion debugger on a 32-bit Windows platform the problem like ' can't debug in debug process...' is possible when the Debugger can't allocate some amount of memory from the stack or from the heap.

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