license expired?

license expired?

How do I know if my license for IPP is expired?  Also, what will happen when the license expires?  Will IPP run slower?

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Richard, IPP will not works slower, I am not sure how to check the expiration date. I will ask our expert to answer on this question.

by the way - I checked the license based on your email and I found nothing into out internal database.

IPP will not work slower so you are ok. You can learn more about lPP licensing at


Thanks.  In that case, on what architectures will IPP perform better?  I am using a Core i7-2620M but the IPP color space conversion from RGB to NV12 is taking 50% of my cycles... :-(

50%? - this is an unexpected result - what version IPP you are using?


#define IPP_VERSION_STR "7.1.1"

Also, the specific API call I am using is ippiRGBToYCbCr420_8u_C4P2R()

Re the expiration date: please go to -> My Products, select the product, and you will find when the support is expired for you product. You can manage and renew the product license on this page. It probably will require to enter a serial number for you product.

Best regards, - Nikolay

Thanks.  Maybe my use of IPP color conversion is slow because I am using the single-threaded static link version.  Is the underlying implementation of color conversion single- or multi-threaded?

you can check if this function is threaded or not from Threaded Functions' list  -- see folder "IPP_ROOT"\Documentation\en_US\ipp\ThreadedFunctionsList.txt

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