IPP shared libs versus rpm installs without "--nodeps"

IPP shared libs versus rpm installs without "--nodeps"

When we install binary rpms, with apps linked dynamically against the IPP (7.1) libs,  the (rpm) installs fail unless we specify "--nodeps" (example output, see further below)

It is as though, the shareables provided by the IPP 7.1 rpms are not listed in the rpm databases.(as I understand it, a rpm install basically limits itself to looking at the rpm db wrt. to dependency resoln)

We can (sort of) work-around the issue, by making up a dummy/stub "provides-only" rpm kit containing, (f.ex).

Provides: libippcore.so.7.1()(64bit)

Provides: libippdc.so.7.1()(64bit)

Provides: libipps.so.7.1()(64bit)

Provides: libtbb.so.2()(64bit)

Are the source rpms available? (eg, intel-ipp-146-7.1-1.src.rpm). We would like to have a look, and perhaps experiment with repackaging them. (For a variety of reasons, we would to be able to install our kits without using "--nodeps" )

error: Failed dependencies:
libippcore.so.7.1()(64bit) is needed by acme-3.59.0-20130226.x86_64
libippdc.so.7.1()(64bit) is needed by acme-3.59.0-20130226.x86_64
libipps.so.7.1()(64bit) is needed by acme-3.59.0-20130226.x86_64
libtbb.so.2()(64bit) is needed by acme-3.59.0-20130226.x86_64

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