No threads being created when ippSetNumThreads is called

No threads being created when ippSetNumThreads is called

I have been trying to compress and decompress a text file using the LZO algorithm that IPP provides. It works fine when single threaded.

I tried using the function ippSetNumThreads() with arguments greater than 1.
Inorder to check if the specified number of threads are created I used the ippGetNumThreads() function.
The result is always 1 :( 

I have been using the function ippsEncodeLZO_8u() to compress and ippsDecodeLZO_8u() to decompress.
Though i have changed the parameters to be IppLZO1XMT as specified in the documentaion there seems to be no change in the number of threads created.


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For your info, the processor I am using is intel core i5.
So I hope threading is applicable in here. 

Hi Ananth,

Please make sure you link your application to multi-thread (ipp*_t.lib) libraries. For data compression it will be ippdc_t.lib.


Could you do additional verification? If you're on a Windows platform take a look at the Windows Task Manager. In case of Linux try to use a similar UI tool to see actual number of threads created.

It is not clear what version of IPP you're using and on what is a platform?

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