Licensing with Automated Build Machines

Licensing with Automated Build Machines

One developer in my organization has requested a license for IPP software. I also have several automated build machines that, from what I can gather from the information I've found online, would also need one or more licenses. Only a few of the build machines run concurrently as most run at different times, as needed, for specific builds and timezones. Given this scenario, how many and what type of licenses (was looking at single user) would I need where there are hypothetically 5 automated build machines and one developer with at most 3 concurrent users (1 developer and 2 build machines) assuming an automated build machine is a user. If single user is appropriate, how would they be applied.

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you should apply to the terms and conditions of that type of the license which you purchased. Depending on that type it will most probably be that the only individual can be using the product and only one copy of the product at any one time.

Thanks for the reply Irina, however I need to clarify.

We have not purchased a license and need direction on what type of license to purchase or whether one is needed for a series of unattended Automated Build Machines (ABM) given that at most only 2 run concurrently. The terms and conditions do not specify if or what type of license is needed for an environment with ABMs. Your documentation states that a license is needed for simultaneous usage where the code is being developed and compiled. Since I have one developer I need a single user license to cover his development efforts.  Additionally, I have 5 unattended automated build machines that compile and build with IPP with as many as 2 running simultaneously. Is it correct to say that I need 2 more single user licenses for the AMBs applied across all of them to cover the 2 that run simultaneously?


The following FAQ may provide you some help:

Do I need to get a license for each machine being used to develop and test applications using Intel IPP?

How many copies of Intel IPP do I need to secure for my project team or company?



Thanks you Chao for your reply, however I've read through the FAQs and they don't directly apply to the environment I mentioned. My best guess is that since one developer is using it I only need one single user license that can be applied across all the unattended automated build machines. This would imply that concurrent use does not apply to the unattended automated build machines where developer interaction is not required.

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