Basic query regarding IPP: how to write, execute and run code using ipp

Basic query regarding IPP: how to write, execute and run code using ipp

Hi Sir,

I'm from Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli, India. Our college has procured Intel Cluster Toolkit.

We have started working on this toolkit. But we are not getting how to open GUI of IPP, how to use functions in it.

Please help us.

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There are lots of documents on Intel web site dedicated to development with IPP library. Take a look at a 46-page Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives for Windows* OS User's Guide for IPP 7.1. The document describes IPP fundamentals and what you need to know.

By the way, what platform ( operating system ) and IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ) do you use?

Please take a look at these links:

IPP knowledge base

IPP code samples

In PDF format

Hi Sir,

Thank you very much for your reply. We are working on linux platform.

Now we can excute ./icc in bin of ipp. but we get erro ipp.h not found. We are novice in this area. please suggest us how to proceed. meanwhile we will keep trying and checking links given above.

Thanks & Regards,

Pranali Sheth

>>...we get error ipp.h not found...

You have a problem with a search path to [ IPP_INSTALL_DIR ]/Include directory and you need to set an environment variable PATH on your platform.

Hi Pranali,

Welcome to IPP forum! In terms of usage, IPP is just the same as other binary libraries on Linux, Windows, OS X, whatever. Please, make sure that "-I<dir>" option (capital "i") in icc commmand line points to <your IPP installation dir>/include directory. For example, "-I/opt/intel/composer_xe_2013.0.079/ipp/include".

The same for linking phase. "-L<dir>" should point to IPP binary libraries location according to 32/64-bit mode you want to use. For example, "-L/opt/intel/composer_xe_2013.0.079/ipp/lib/intel64".

Keep asking :). Don't forget to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH env. variable if you link to dynamic libraries.

Hi Sergey,

Thanks a lot!!! I have executed basic program successfully :)

Please give me hint how can I read Image. Is it necessary to use OpenCV to view image.

I want to compute histogram of an image and then want apply mask on it.

Image Processing domain of IPP library has a set of functions to compute a histogram of an image and take a look at:



Hi Pranali,

There are no IPP functions to read images. You can use any of open source libraries (including OpenCV). For further usage of IPP functions you need to know pointer to image memory buffer, image format (number of channels, pixel witdth) and distance in bytes between consecutive image lines. Usually, it is equal to image_width * image_channels * sizeof(image_pixel), but may vary if padding exists. Almost all image reading/writing libs contain something like "step" (or, "pitch") arguments or return values.


>>...Is it necessary to use OpenCV to view image...

In order to display and view image some OS dependent API needs to be used ( Linux GUI API in your case or OpenGL ). OpenCV allows to read image data into memory for processing.

I'd like to stress that IPP is Not designed to read images ( Sergey Khlystov already mentioned it in the previous post ) because there are too many formats (!) and IPP functions do processing on raw data loaded into memory from the image of some format ( using OpenCV, for example ).

Take a look at the following tools and APIs:

ImageJ ( Helper tool / Java language based )

ExifTool ( Helper tool / Reads metadata / tags from image header ) -

ImageMagick ( Helper tool / Provides API ) -

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