newb where are filter functions?

newb where are filter functions?

I just got an eval copy of ipp to try.  The documentation is awful.  I just want to try first a simple single rate floating point FIR filter.

I look at, everthing

I see there says it deprectated.  Where are the non-deprecated functions for 

1) initialize the filter structure

2) process a vector of input data


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Take a look at Digital Signal Processing domain header file ( ipps.h ) if you don't like online documentation. There are also documents in pdf format for almost all domains of IPP library.

use ippsFIRGetBufferSize, then ippsFIRInit and then - ippsFIR function; GetSize+Init pair should be used instead of deprecated InitAlloc.

regards, Igor

#define NUMITERS 150

IppStatus TestFIR(void)
int n;
IppStatus status;
IppsIIRState_32f *ictx;
IppsFIRState_32f *fctx;

Ipp32f *x = ippsMalloc_32f(NUMITERS),
*y = ippsMalloc_32f(NUMITERS),
*z = ippsMalloc_32f(NUMITERS);

const float taps[] =
0.0051f, 0.0180f, 0.0591f, 0.1245f, 0.1869f, 0.2127f, 0.1869f,
0.1245f, 0.0591f, 0.0180f, 0.0051f, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0

for (n =0;nIPP Output:
IIR 32f output + 120 = 0.000000 0.049896 0.030838 -0.030838 -0.049896
FIR 32f output + 120 = 0.000000 0.049896 0.030838 -0.030838 -0.049896

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