support for mic architecture (Intel Xeon Phi)

support for mic architecture (Intel Xeon Phi)


Does IPP support mic architecture (Intel Xeon Phi)? In many places (e.g. there is information about available Compilers and Libraries and there is mention about IPP. Unfortunately there is no IPP mic libraries in ComposerXE 2013.3.163.

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>>...Does IPP support mic architecture (Intel Xeon Phi)?..

Here is a quote: '...The Intel IPP v7.1 release supports IA-32 and Intel 64 architectures...'

Please take a look at:



IPP doesn't support this microarchitecture now. What IPP's functionality do you interesting to be supported on MIC first of all?


 Most of all I am interesting in Video Coding (MPEG2, H.264).

So this is not true ipp 8 comes with mic static libs

Hi Eric,

The latest IPP 8.2 library support MIC with non-thread static libraries in the Composer XE product.   These libraries can be found at ipp/lib/mic folder.

You need to choose custom installation if want to get all domain libraries.


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