WTFwdFree is deprecated

WTFwdFree is deprecated


According to the IPP Manual (version 7.1) functions: ippiWTFwdFree_32f_C1R  and ippiWTFwdFree_32f_C3R are marked deprecated. More specifically the manual says: "This function is obsolete and will be removed in a future release. Use new Resize API instead of this one. Use the following link for details: ". However, I cannot find any information about the "new Resize API" and the functions corresponding to WTFwdInitAlloc are not marked deprecated. Could you give me a hint, how IppiWTFwdSpec_32f structures should be deallocated without using ippiWTFwdFree_32f_C1R?

Note, the example on page 886 still uses function ippiWTFwdFree_32f_C1R to free memory.

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Something is wrong with the deprecation message because it is Not clear for me how these memory deallocation functions of Forward Wavelet Transofrm context structure are related to ' Resize API...'?

The manual refers to the "new Resize API". The compiler message is simply "warning: ‘ippiWTFwdFree_32f_C1R’ is deprecated (declared at /opt/intel/ipp/include/ippi.h:4992)"

Take a look at for more technical details.

Hm, this is the link of my initial forum post. Actually, the sub-website is pretty useless. Functions ippiWTFwdFree_* and ippiWTInvFree_* are marked as obsolete, but no replacement is given ...

Maybe, I missed something? 

>>...Maybe, I missed something?

All memory management in future versions of IPP needs to be done outside of IPP. That is, a developer will be responsible for memory allocation and de-allocation for IPP functions if required.

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