IPP h264 elementary stream player

IPP h264 elementary stream player


        We are facing some jerk issues in our application, we are using ipp h264 encoder for encoding the stream, i have wrote code for dumping the data after encoding.

     But i don't have any player to play the file, is there any player to play ipp h264 elementary stream player.

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Hi, I used some IPP samples to model your case.

I took a video compressed with XVID codec, and decompressed video to AVI file with IPP console decoder (umc_video_dec_con.exe).

Then I compressed raw AVI to H264 AVI with IPP console encoder (umc_video_enc_con.exe).

And finally I used an IPP player to play H264 AVI (simple_ player.exe).

So, if you use in your encoder the same set of classes as umc_video_enc_con sample, everything should work normally.


The H.264 UMC encoder only create stream in the raw H.264 video. Often it needs to input into some muxer( MP4, MPEG2 TS, etc) to decoder.   You need to check if the decoder you are using can play the raw H.264 video. 


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