There are 3 versions of ippsRandGauss, _8u, _16s, and _32f. However, there is only one version of of the init function, ippsRandGaussInit_16s. There are all 3 versions of ippsRandGaussInitAlloc, but they are being depricated. So Intel, are you going to provide the other two init functions?  Sure would be nice.  Thanks

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you are right - the new API will be introduced in 8.0:

IPPAPI(IppStatus, ippsRandGauss_8u,  (Ipp8u* pDst,  int len, IppsRandGaussState_8u*  pRandGaussState))
IPPAPI(IppStatus, ippsRandGauss_16s, (Ipp16s* pDst, int len, IppsRandGaussState_16s* pRandGaussState))
IPPAPI(IppStatus, ippsRandGauss_32f, (Ipp32f* pDst, int len, IppsRandGaussState_32f* pRandGaussState))

IPPAPI(IppStatus, ippsRandGaussGetSize_8u,  (int * pRandGaussStateSize))
IPPAPI(IppStatus, ippsRandGaussGetSize_16s, (int * pRandGaussStateSize))
IPPAPI(IppStatus, ippsRandGaussGetSize_32f, (int * pRandGaussStateSize))

IPPAPI(IppStatus, ippsRandGaussInit_8u,  (IppsRandGaussState_8u* pRandGaussState,
                                   Ipp8u mean, Ipp8u stdDev, unsigned int seed))
IPPAPI(IppStatus, ippsRandGaussInit_16s, (IppsRandGaussState_16s* pRandGaussState,
                                   Ipp16s mean, Ipp16s stdDev, unsigned int seed))
IPPAPI(IppStatus, ippsRandGaussInit_32f, (IppsRandGaussState_32f* pRandGaussState,
                                   Ipp32f mean, Ipp32f stdDev, unsigned int seed))

regards, Igor

we will let you know when this version will be publicly available.

fyi - all of these API's were added into version 8.0 which has been released recently. 

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