Replacing ippiDistanceTransform_3x3 with the pyramid API

Replacing ippiDistanceTransform_3x3 with the pyramid API


Now that ippiDistanceTransform_3x3 is deprecated I am trying to work out what to replace it with. The documentation mentions use the 'pyramid API' but there isn't much information on how to use this API to achieve the same results.

Does anyone know how to do this?



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Hi Andy,

sorry, it's a "copy-paste" mistake, the recommendation must be to use TrueDistanceTransform, will be fixed in the next release.

regards, Igor

I couldn't find the function TrueDistanceTransform in the documentation. Is this a new function and has it been release?



Hi Nevine,

it is rather "old" function, its description is available in ippcv.h header file, description in the manual also has been added and will be available on the web together with IPP 8.1 release (ww06 2014).

regards, Igor

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