ipp_sample build fail

ipp_sample build fail

My OS is windows 7,  l build ipp_sample,some error occur

Not searching for unused variables given on the command line.
CMake Error at C:/Sample/ipp-samples. (message):
Intel(R) IPP was not found (required)!

l has created environment variable named IPPROOT that points to the root directory of my intel IPP installation.

C:\Program Files\Intel\Composer XE 2013\ipp

please help me,thanks


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who can help me


Are sure about "Program Files"? Usually Composer is set up in "Program Files(x86)".


yes,my os is win7 32 bit


i was facing the same problem as above. for the resolution of the above problem please comment the line in "FindIPP.cmake" file where it check that IPP_FOUND is defined or not and rum the cmake again . Now it works properlly.

but l can't modify this file named "FindIPP.cmake". do l need modify it?

I think you need to review if IPP environment variables are set instead of modifying that make file.

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