Colour patches appears when packet loss occured

Colour patches appears when packet loss occured


   we are using Intel IPP h264 encoder and decoder in our application, Our application conferenceIn where user join as host will activate the user and do conference each other.

We found one problem, when ever packet loss occured, when network is bad, it appears as colour packet loss, to say (colour patches) so what is the reason of that colour patches, how to resolve it.

Here i am attaching the sample how the colour patch is appearing.

Downloadimage/jpeg 20400-thumb-ds-screen.jpg8.63 KB
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When there is some error in the stream, the UMC sample may have some error resistant code to recover the incorrect data, but it only has some simple way. If you want to improve the error video quality, you need to develop more sophisticate algorithm on this. 


how to do incase of UMC, as we are using the ipp intel libraries, we are not writing any alagorthms ,so in case of UMC how can we handle it.

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