IPP 8.0 is here!

IPP 8.0 is here!

IPP 8 is now available for download.  For more information on the stand-alone product please visit the IPP 8 landing page.  There is also an IPP 8 preview for Android in the Intel Beacon Mountain development environment.  With this release there are also technology previews of GPU-enabled asynchronous C/C++ and OpenCL functions.

More info can be found in the IPP 8 Release Notes.

IPP is also part of  Composer XE 2013, Intel System Studio, and other suites.

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In IPP 8 landing page "Features"->"What's new" it says:

Enhanced Image Resize Performance Primitives. Dramatically improve your image resize performance with Intel’s latest release.

Could you please give more information about this? The documentation looks pretty much the same as 7.1. New API using ResizeGetSize according to the new documentation still does not support antialiasing (essential for good resizing).

Oops.  That content was left over from IPP 7.1, which included a resize overhaul.  That "What's New" section should be updated for IPP 8.0 soon.

The new functions have more opportunities for tiling/cache blocking than the older resizeSqrPixel, which can make a difference for performance.  Also, while it is possible to create your own efficient resize implementations, IPP resize is likely to be faster than non-optimized resize implementations.  

Antialiasing for these functions is still in progress.  Watch for this in a future release.

>>...IPP is also part of Composer XE 2013, Intel System Studio, and other suites...

It is not clear if IPP version 8.0 is included with the latest Update 5 of Composer XE 2013. I've already provided some feedback that Release Notes for Intel software C++ compilers should include information about versions ( and updates ) for IPP, MKL and TBB libraries.

>>...It is not clear if IPP version 8.0 is included with the latest Update 5 of Composer XE 2013...

Attached is a pdf document I was talking about.


I just noticed your mention of adding antialiasing support to the new threadable resizers which is something I've been waiting for.  Do you know roughly when it will be available?



The new threadable resize with antialiasing support will be available in the upcoming IPP release.

Hello Sir,

                 If i am using intel IPP then it is necessary to install Intel IPP software at end user system to remove sucu error as "No dlls found in the waterfall procedure or ipps-6.1.dll is missing"

If it is not necessary to install Intel IPP software then how can we remove these error from from end user system means what should i do at deployment time how can i distribue ipps dll with .exe or .msi file please tell me the procedure i am new in these effort 

Thanks and Regrds

Sanjeev Upadhyay 

I would like to install the evaluation version of IPP.  In the activation phast of the install the option to activate an evaluation copy is ghosted out and has the message "The evaluation rights have expired".  Any hints on how to get around this?

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