Previous external samples package now legacy

Previous external samples package now legacy

Starting with the release of IPP 8, the product is renewing its focus on primitives (with emerging GPU enablement as demonstrated in IPP's technology preview releases).  Small, simple examples will be the goal instead of large samples.

With the release of IPP 8, all of the large samples previously distributed as an external samples package are now legacy.  This includes 

  • All audio and video codecs in UMC.  For video codecs Media SDK (link) is the successor to UMC.  Today and forward, Media SDK is Intel's only hardware enabling product dedicated to media codecs.
  • All JPEG codecs in UIC and IJG
  • All speech codecs in USC
  • All drop-in IPP accelerated compression interfaces 

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Any news regarding moving the IPP Samples to the public domain?

Enabling many new image processing functions for GPU is higher priority.  While creating an open source project around these previous samples was strongly considered, right now all efforts are going toward making GPU performance benefits accessible to users.  While it may be premature to say that it will never happen, coordinating a transition to the public domain is not in IPP's current plans.  

This isn't intended to close the conversation.  If options for these previous samples are important to you please let us know.  We can't make any guarantees for specific actions at this point but do still want to listen to your concerns.

I can understand that some samples are going legacy,


language-interface (csharp)

is required for a convenient usage of ipp - and it is not really a sample ...

Please maintain this interface and provide again in next releases of ipp


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