Same image Different performance of ippi funtion

Same image Different performance of ippi funtion

Hi everyone . I am trying to implement edge drawing algoritm of Cihan Topal, Cüneyt Akinlar . This is the code of  magnitude calculation:

void CalculateMagnitude(CprImage *sobelVertical,CprImage *sobelHorizantal,CprImage *magImage)
ippiAdd_32f_C1R( (Ipp32f *)sobelVertical->DataPtr() + offset , sobelVertical->Step() , (Ipp32f *)sobelHorizantal->DataPtr() + offset , sobelHorizantal->Step() , (Ipp32f *)magImage->DataPtr() + offset , magImage->Step() , roi);

ippiThreshold_LTVal_32f_C1R( (Ipp32f *)magImage->DataPtr() + offset , magImage->Step() , (Ipp32f *)magImage->DataPtr() + offset , magImage->Step() , roi , (Ipp32f)m_gradientThreshold , 0);

//offset , roi , m_gradientThreshold defined before

When i measure the performance of functions, this function processes same image sometimes at 2ms , sometimes at 30 ms , 120 ms ...

What do you think the problem is?  

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>>...When i measure the performance of functions, this function processes same image sometimes at 2ms,
>>sometimes at 30 ms , 120 ms ...
>>What do you think the problem is?

Additional technical details about your development environment, IPP library version and how big is the source image are needed.

i am using ipp verison 7.0.205, image is 512x512 gray scale image, development envoriment visual studio 2008 c++

Do you use 32-bit or 64-bit IPP DLLs?

>>...i am using ipp verison 7.0.205...

I have that version and use ippiAdd_32f_xxx and never had any performance issues. I can't say anything about ippiThreshold_LTVal_32f_C1R.

Consider the following:

- Disable antivirus ( if any )
- Use single-threaded environment for IPP and boost priority for the test process to High or to Realtime
- Repeat tests
- It makes sense to verify two cases, like:

Test #1
ippiAdd_32f_C1R( ... )
// ippiThreshold_LTVal_32f_C1R( ... ) <- commented!


Test #2
// ippiAdd_32f_C1R( ... ) <- commented!
ippiThreshold_LTVal_32f_C1R( ... )

in order to identify what IPP function possibly has some issues ( still Not proven ).

- A complete test case will help as well

32-bit . Ok i am trying what you say

>>...32-bit . Ok i am trying what you say...

Use Release Configuration for your test project and if you upload a simple test case I could quickly verify if some performance issues exist.

My environment in that case is: Windows XP 32-bit / IPP v7.0.205 / VS 2005 with MS and ICC ( v12 ) compilers.

 I did what you said It differed a little bit but still have problems 

I added performans outputs of test1, test2 ,respectly


Downloadimage/png ms.png12.23 KB
Downloadimage/png ms2.png9.66 KB

>>Test #1
>>ippiAdd_32f_C1R( ... )
>>// ippiThreshold_LTVal_32f_C1R( ... ) <- commented!

I see that there is a performance issue in the 1st test case:


but it doesn't give any idea what else is going on in your application and around in OS (!) at the same time, that is during calculation of the magnitude.

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