decoder to extract data from MP3 file

decoder to extract data from MP3 file


I am currently evaluating IPP library to integrate it into our audio software. I was just wondering if you could provide a minimalist code to explain how to extract data from MP3 file in a clean way. Indeed, it looks like the decoding methods are all deprecated ... I also had a look at the samples provided but they use a lot of external files and I would like something easier just to be able to understand the logic.

Wish you a pleasant day.


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Hi Richard,

Could you please look at "umc_audeo_dec_con" sample from UMC?

It must be simple enough to provide easy way for audio decoding from MP3.

And we were not going to deprecate MP3 decoding functions included into UMC. If we missed some functions, we will remove them from deprecation lists.


Hello Sergey,

Thank you very much for your quick answer. I will have a look at it.

Do you plan to release these samples as a library in a future release?




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