UMC Samples, H.264 decompression very slow

UMC Samples, H.264 decompression very slow

Hi all!

I tried to play MP4 file with SimplePlayer (UMC/IPP Sample application).

MP4 has H.264 video track (640*480) and AAC audio track(2 channels, 16 bit, 44100 Hz)

I used OpenGL video render.

Everything was fine, but CPU load was about 10%.

When I played this file with usual Windows Media Player, CPU load became 1-2%.

I don't understand why IPP sample performance was so slow.

Is my error in settings, or general problem with H.264?

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Hi Roman,

What CPU do you have? Can it happen that you use Intel Core 3-rd or 4-th generation of CPU? If yes, they have GPU support of video decoding. With this support CPU load is negligible.


Hi Sergey,

I have Core i5-2500K CPU (3.3 GHz). By the way, does IPP have support for CPU<->GPU interaction?



So, this is a Sandy Bridge CPU. It has GPU support.

CPU<->GPU is target for IPP 8.0 Preview package. Refer to the package to get additional info.


For GPU decode and encode please see Media SDK.  This is the successor and recommended replacement for IPP UMC video codecs (which are now legacy).  As Sergey mentioned, the IPP Preview Package shows the beginning of many interesting developments for IPP.  For video media use cases we hope IPP GPU functions will become increasingly relevant for the custom frame processing part of the pipeline.      

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