Installing IPP on OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)

Installing IPP on OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)

Hi all,

I'm brand new her,e so please bear with me if I'm asking stupid questions.

I got IPP 8 working on Windows 7 x64 no problem and with great results.

However, on the Mac I've had no luck installing either IPP 8, or IPP 5.3 (which seems to be the only other version offered on the site for download, unless I'm missing something). I'm on OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Lepoard) and would prefer to stay that way for the time being. 

I've taken a peak at the installer scripts for IPP 8 and I see that it wants at least OS X 10.7, so that explains why that won't install. It starts to run the system check app, then crashes for want of _strnlen, which apparently wasn't added to OS X until 10.7. But even if I could get by this crash, I see other scripts in the package checking for >=10.7 -- is there REALLY any reason it can't be installed on 10.6.8? Does anybody know if it's possible to hack the installer to make this work or otherwise manually install IPP 8 on OS X 10.6.8?

And when I try to install IPP 5.3, the "Continue" button remains greyed out and just hangs there until I close the installer. I assume this is because 10.6 is ABOVE the OS versions IPP 5.3 is compatible with.

So I'm stuck in between compatible OSes, and, at least for now, married to OS X 10.6.8 and XCode 3.2.6.

Is there somewhere I can download another version of IPP? Why does it only offer 8 and 5.3? What happened to 6 and 7?

And again, if there's anything I can do to get IPP 8 installed on OS X 10.6.8, that would be ideal. I'd really like to use this product, but cross platform capability is a necessity.


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>>...Is there somewhere I can download another version of IPP? Why does it only offer 8 and 5.3? What
>>happened to 6 and 7?

Did you download IPP from Intel Software Registration Center? There is a link to 'Older versions' on the web-site and for all Intel software products at least a couple of older versions are available.

Yes. (Where else would I have downloaded them?) And as I said, only IPP versions 8 and 5.3 were offered. (Leaving me to wonder what the deal with versions 6 and 7 was.)

I've been seeing some other threads on this same topic that seem to suggest I should be installing the entire Intel Compiler suite. Does anybody know what version(s) are OS X 10.6.8 compatible and which version of IPP they contain inside them?

I'm not sure how to determine this. The experience using the Intel site has been horrible. I searched far and wide for a minimum requirements spec (like, the very first most obvious thing you'd expect to find in a FAQ or the documentation) but to no avail.

Of course, this is only on the Mac side. I had my Windows application using IPP after only a couple of hours. But then, Windows doesn't exhibit the same platform dependency nastiness that's common on the Mac.

So yes, assuming there actually is an answer for me, I'm too lost to find it. Help! :)

Okay, after re-checking the download link Intel sent me (which I don't think I'm supposed to share as it has my account info in the URL query string) it's now offering me version 7.1 as well as 8 and 5.3. It wasn't 10 days ago when I originally tried.

I'll try that and let you know how it goes. (And Intel, it would be better if you separated the download area from the license area, so we can point others to the correct download.)

Oh, wait, no it's not. When I click on 7.1 from the "Additional downloads updates and versions" area all it offers me are 2 files of sample code and sample binaries.

Sorry, that's the same as what happened before, I'd just forgotten. Only the 8 and 5.3 options actually have an IPP installer .dmg. 

I just verified what versions of Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives for Windows are available and here is the list:

5.3, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.1 and 8.0

It looks like there is some problem with the list of IPP versions in case of Mac operating system and it needs to be confirmed by Intel software engineers.

Thanks for looking into it, Sergey. (Also, I'd really like to be able to install IPP 8 on Snow Leopard 10.6.8 -- is there any real reason it can't be?)

For Windows I had no problem at all. IPP 8 worked fine in Win 7 x64, VS 2008. Only took me a couple of hours to accelerate my application by a factor of about 6! But I've been banging my head against the Mac issue for over 10 days. I know if I updated OSes I could probably install IPP 8, but I'm afraid I can't at this time. (And my evaluation period is ticking...)

Thanks everyone. 


Any news on this, Intel folk? Should I bother you directly by email?

It seems that maybe some of your compiler suites might contain an earlier version (7?) of IPP that might install on Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.8) but the licence fee for the whole suite is far too prohibitive for us to purchase those products. All we need is IPP (in fact, probably no more than 2 functions from it).

Again, we're all set to go on Windows and would like to purchase licenses immediately. But we need to get IPP (of any version) working on OS X 10.6.8. as well.


[ Attention to IPP Forum moderator ] Please respond and Thank you in advance.

>>...Should I bother you directly by email?

The thread is monitored by Intel software engineers and I'm not sure why they did not respond.

Here are two more questions:

- What IPP functions you're going to use?
- Is it possible to consider a workaround, like, a dynamic or a static library created on one platform and used on another?

If the workaround is possible then I would proceed with it until the issue with missing IPP versions is resolved.

1. I'm under an NDA. And why would you need to know? Aren't you just happy that we're seriously considering purchasing an IPP license?

2. No. It's a logistics issue. Only one Mac to work on right now, and it's Snow Leopard. I'm not made of Macs or money.

As to why Intel software engineers didn't respond, just look at the state of mess this site and your documentation is in. I'm not surprised.

C'mon Intel. Answer this simple question, point me to or send me an IPP that will install on 10.6.8 (or even talk me through manual installation instructions) and you make $400. 

>>...C'mon Intel. Answer this simple question...

Please be patient. If NDA is between your company and Intel then consider a request with Premier Support ( I assume that you have valid older licenses ).

No, no. I mean what I'm working on is under NDA with my client. Suffice to say, there's a function in IPP 8 (and I'm sure it's there in earlier versions as well) that greatly accelerates our application under Windows and would be well worth the $200 license fee. But we need it cross platform, and for various reasons we want to keep Snow Leopard as a minimum OSX version until Apple absolutely forces us to migrate higher (and thereby force change on OUR customers -- a practice we don't like and that doesn't happen in the Windows universe).

All I need is an IPP installer that works on Snow Leopard -- I suspect version 7.1 -- but they don't offer one on the download page. (Which I can't link you to, as it's not a public page... sigh!) You wouldn't think this would be so difficult, but I get the feeling that nobody's home. At least on the Mac end. (Again, Windows went perfectly smoothly and only took a couple of hours. But I'm in my third week of trying to get an IPP to install on this OS X 10.6.8 system.) 

If we can get that, my client will be purchasing at least two licenses of the product for my two development systems immediately, and probably more in the future for their own development machines. If not, I'll be forced to share this poor support experience on all the development boards I frequent.

(Are you not with Intel Sergey? Sorry, I thought maybe you were.) 

I'd settle for IPP 5.3 (the only other installer download I'm offered aside from 8.0) as well, but it just hangs with the Continue button greyed out. All you can do is close it. So I assume Snow Leopard is too new for 5.3 and too early for 8.0 -- at least for the installers to run.

Please take a look at a thread:

Forum: Intel C++ compiler
Forum Topic: OS* X Mountain Lion and Xcode 4.4 NOT supported in 12.1 U11 or older

and contact Ronald W Green ( it is possible that he could explain what happened... ).

Once again, I'm OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) and XCode 3.2.6 and really need to stay that way, at least in the near term.

And that thread actually demonstrates exactly why I don't want to constantly chase Apple on the latest/greatest operating system and XCode version. They change it faster than some people change underwear. That thread is barely a year old, with Intel promising to catch up to support Mountain Lion some matter of months later. Yet here we are a year later and Apple *already* have *another* major OS version (and XCode to match) coming out next month! I'm not surprised if Intel can't keep up any more than I can! This kind of forced obsolescence doesn't happen on Windows, I'm sure IPP would install just fine on a 12 year old XP system.

And how am I supposed to know what verion of IPP is in what version of Composer? (Actually, forget it, I don't care. I'd like to try ANY version of IPP, as long as it'll install on OS X 10.6.8 -- or even if I have to install it by hand, just give me the instructions). Also, I'm a bit confused about licensing. The Composer licenses seem to be very costly (in the $1500 range) where all we need are licenses for IPP -- I have no interest or need in the compiler. So I'm concerned if I need to download a product that has a license we don't want to pay for, in order to install the subset of the product that we do want to pay for (IPP).

Sorry if I seem frustrated. I am! I've spent hours trying to navigate and make sense of this labarinthine Intel site and still have no idea what I should be doing or even how to directly ask for support.

And sorry, when I click Ronald W Green's profile I don't see any feature that lets me contact him like a proper board would have. So how do I contact him? Say his name three times like Beetlejuice? Ronald W Green! Ronald W Green! Ronald W Green!

Just totally ridiculous... 

I don't have a fix for you, but perhaps I can clarify a few things.

IPP very recently began offering a standalone OSX package with its 8.0 release.  Before IPP 8.0 the only distribution option for OSX was as a component in the Composer for OSX suite.  I understand this does not meet your needs, but since you require OSX 10.6.8 and XCode 3.2.6 the best match in terms of compatibility looks like Composer XE 2011.  This compatibility table and the Composer XE 2011 Release Notes have more details.  

While you may be able to force installation of IPP 8 in a much earlier environment than intended, this is out of the scope of what we can support.

Sorry that we probably won't be able to help get you the lower cost IPP standalone for this older configuration.  However, this is very helpful feedback for future IPP for OSX product planning.

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