where are IPP 8.0 merged libs?

where are IPP 8.0 merged libs?

I am new to ipp. I was using ipp 6 and I upgraded to ipp 8.

in IPP 6 that I have installed with w_ipp_ia32_p_6.0.0.062.exe, I have many lib and dll files such as ippacemerged.lib, etc. that my program links to and all works fine.

However, under ipp 8 installed with w_ipp_8.0.0.083.exe, I can't find these libs! so the program fails linking to them.

Any ideas?


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I am actually trying to find this table for ipp 8.0:


for example what happend to ippvm_l.lib ?


Now (since IPP 8.0) all IPP libs are merged and have the names ipp<domain>mt.lib to be name-compatible with other Intel libs (compiler, TBB, etc).

This is for static libs. The dynamic (export) libs are ipp<domain>.lib as before.

Regarding ippvm there is the same rule: ippvmmt.lib (static merged) and ippvm.lib (dynamic export).

Refer please to IPP 8.0 release notes http://software.intel.com/en-us/intel-ipp-80-library-release-notes.


I just downloaded the IPP 8 (Feb 2014) package but cannot find the "threaded" subfolder as per the documentation. Does it still exist?

  • Threaded libraries are now moved into the "threaded" subfolder.

That happens because of the new installation option is introduced since IPP 8.0.

By the default, threading folder and all threading libraries will not be installed.

Pls try to reinstall again and select the threading components during the installation.... 


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