Linking Error

Linking Error

I was using IPP 7 with Visual Studio 2010 (32 bit). It began to give linking error at compiling:
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _ippiMalloc_32f_C1@12 referenced in function _main
"Use IPP: Single-threaded Static Library" is setted.

Reinstall IPP 7, Install IPP 8, ... and other options didn't work.
If I set libraries manually from VisualStudio configration like below, it compiles.
 Additional Library Directories: C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Intel\\Composer XE 2013 SP1.083\\ipp\\lib\\ia32
 Additional Dependencies: ippac.lib; ippacmt.lib; ippcc.lib; ippccmt.lib, ... 

Why it is not linking when I set from VS "Use IPP: Single-threaded Static Library" ?

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it might be the installation problem. Have you integrated IPP to the VS during installation?

Hi Gennady,

Of course I did. I also tried to reinstall IPP 8, reinstall IPP 7, reinstall VS.2010. None of them work for me. 

it looks like the issue with integration with VS. I have asked experts responsible for this problem to look at this problem and help you. 

Hi Serhat,

Could you attach a build log file? For obtaining this file do the following: Open Tools.Options dialog and set property "Projects and Solutions -> Build and Run -> MSBuild project build log file verbosity" to "Diagnostic". Then rebuild your project. Find the log file in your intermediate build directory (Debug or Release), it's a file with the same name as your project and log extension.

Regards, Vadim G.

Hi Serhat,

Did you set ipp usage for project from project properties and if you set ipp usage,what properties did you select???

Adem Metin Çalı

Hi Vadim,

I attached build log file. @Adem of course I set that: "Use IPP: Single-threaded Static Library"



Downloadtext/plain ipptest3.txt72.19 KB

Hi Serhat,

Thanks for the log. For some reason, the definition _IPP_SEQUENTIAL_STATIC was not passed to the compiler (cl.exe) command line. What the property "Intel Performance Libraries-->Use IPP" does is just passing this definition to the cmline. You can try adding _IPP_SEQUENTIAL_STATIC explicitly to the Preprocessor Definition property just to check that the error is gone.

Also, you can check whether the issue exists when the Intel C++ comper is set to use with your project. For this, click on the project node and invoke context menu: Composer XE 2013 SP1-> Use Intel C++ and then double check that "Use IPP" property is set to single-threaded.

Please, send me the compiler integration version. You can find it in Help-->About dialog. Open the dialog and navigate to Intel(R) C++ Composer XE2013 SP1 in the list of installed products and copy Product Details in the box below.

Regards, Vadim.

Hi Vadim,

Using Intel C++ compiler didn't change anything. I had opened an issue on Intel Support. They solved that by adding "/D _IPP_SEQUENTIAL_STATIC" to C++, CommandLine, Additional Options.

Intel Complier Version:


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