EM64T versus X64

EM64T versus X64

For older IPP releases, e.g., or, is their support for EM64T [which I understand to be Intel Xeon processors] the same as Microsoft Visual Studio support for X64? I ask because I have recompiled an MFC GUI application that works great in a 32 bit environment but has some severe problems in a 64 bit environment [not a Xeon]. In the 64 bit environment, once the MPEG-4 decoder is active, I see the application relentlessly acquiring all of physical memory, up to 8GB on the target system. Haven't been able to locate where the memory is being acquired, but it's not in my code, it's either in the IPP or UMC or somehow Microsoft SDK itself. Thanks.

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EM64T and X64 are abbreviations that both refer to Intel® 64 architecture (as a contradiction to ia32)

regards, Igor

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