IPP/Crypto downloads

IPP/Crypto downloads

Hi. I'm hoping that someone might be able to clear up some download issues I'm having. I have IPP installed and if you get the latest cryptograph for IPP it is  w_ccompxe_c rypto_ipp_7.1.1.198.zip. when you try to install it an error comes up saying you need IPP to be installed first. there doesn't seem to be an IPP .198 version available only .119. anyone run into this? thanks in advance.


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We're working on ways to make the crypto download procedure easier to understand.  The basic issue is that IPP crypto is built along with the rest of the domains but distributed separately. Since there are internal dependencies with the main IPP package the build numbers have to match for the install to be successful. That IPP is distributed in many ways adds further complication.  It is quite common for the most recent crypto download to not match the most recent IPP for the distribution you want (standalone, Composer suite, etc.). 

The build number for the Crypto install can be found in the package name.  That is, w_ccompxe_crypto_ipp_7.1.1.198.zip is build #198.  In some cases the build # for IPP can be found in the package name (#119 here).  In all cases you can go to the 'ippsupport' file, which will list the build number at the top.  On Windows this can be found at <installdir>/Documentation/ippsupport.txt.

For IPP 7.1.1 in Windows, the short answer is that you want build #119 for crypto and IPP  if you have standalone IPP, as you can see from the sets of build numbers available from Intel Registration Center below. 

  • IPP 7.1.1     89 119
  • Crypto               119 149 171 198

The attached diagram shows where you can change the build number. 

Please stay tuned for improvements on this topic.

Thanks Jeffrey. It is really confusing. I appreciate the details. Sorry one last thing. You mentioned a diagram that was attached. I don't see the attachment.


Just comments,

Right, IPP ask two packages have exact same version number

So if IPP is 119, then crypto is required 119 too.

The downlaod place is same page where you download IPP main package or Crypto package.  here is the diagram

Best Wishes,



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