Visual Studio 2013 Support ?

Visual Studio 2013 Support ?

When will IPP be supporting the Visual Studio 2013 IDE?

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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice. tne next version of IPP

I kinda figured that. When is that expected to be available?

Do we have any news as to when this will be available please?


IPP 8.1 will be available on the web ~ww6 2014 - it supports vs2013 ide.

regards, Igor

It looks like IPP 8.1 is available, but the release notes state it only supports VS2012, not VS2013 :-(

Does it, or does it not support VS 2013?

Thank you!

into the Release Notes you can explicitly see the list of explicitly supported versions:   Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2008, 2010, 2012. 

this mean IPP doesn't validated with 2013 version.

No kidding, that is what caused me to post my previous question.

Why did Igor say in this thread on 12/18 that IPP 8.1 would support VS 2013? And more importantly, when will IPP support VS 2013??? Why can no one making a definite statement on this? I have been asking the question since mid November of last year.

We expect that IPP will work with MVSC 2013.   We are sure that your application will work in the case if you explicitly add  the list of IPP libraries to the Linker/Additional Library Directores and add the path to the IPP header files to the C/C++ / Additional Include Directories 

in the case if IPP integration to the 2013 IDE doesn't work  ( see the Relese Notes  )  then let us know - we will wotk with our another team responsible for integration IPP,MKL and TBB libraries to MVSC 2013.

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