Controlling number of threads since ippSetNumThreads is deprecated

Controlling number of threads since ippSetNumThreads is deprecated


Since ippSetNumThreads seems to be deprecated in IPP 8.0, I am wondering how I go about controllin the number of threads my program uses? Basically I want it to run it in 1 core/thread only irrespective of the number of cores available.

Also the error message VS gives now is:

1>something.cpp(59): error C4996: 'ippSetNumThreads': is deprecated. This function is obsolete and will be removed in one of the future IPP releases. Use the following link for details:

But if you go to the link it says 'ippSetNumThreads' is not deprecated (probably since it points to the IPP 7.1 deprecated page instead of 8?).



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this function is deprecated together with all internal IPP threading. This function will be removed (is planned to be removed) in the nearest future together with IPP threaded libraries - only single threaded libraries will be available with APIs friendly for external threading (for example by means of TBB) + examples how to thread IPP functions externally.

regards, Igor

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