standalone IPP installer for version 6, 7, and 8

standalone IPP installer for version 6, 7, and 8

with IPP5, there was an available standalone installer (no composer, etc...) with setup.exe and cab file.

How do I get that with IPP6, IPP7, and IPP8?  The downloaded package installs files to my \Program Files... dir, but where can I get an installer for distribution with my app?

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These version contain redistribution files for ia32 and intel64 version both : for example - "<instal_root>\redist\intel64\ipp\" 

thanks, i know where the binaries are... but the older IPP's used to come with a setup.exe and cab file that we could distribute with our app to deploy the dll's to the \Windows directory.

I guess we have to roll our own msi or exe to copy these files to the windows directory.

... just read deployment notes on develop zone... pretty much have to distribute bins with app and set PATH accordingly.

IGNORE my post on this topic.

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