RandUniform issue

RandUniform issue


I'm trying to use the function ippsRandUniform_Direct_64f, but I can't obtain anything, I just get a vector full of zeros. Here is the function I'm using, maybe there's something wrong with the code. Hope you'll help me.

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "ipp.h"
#pragma warning (disable:4996)

static unsigned int *pSeed;

extern "C"{

_declspec(dllexport) void nnlsbp_1D(double u[]);
_declspec(dllexport) void nnlsbp_1D(double u[]){



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how about pSeed value?


Hi Isaac,

first of all I reccomend you to use correct syntax while calling IPP - to use IppStatus and check it after a call - guess for this particular example you'll get     ippStsNullPtrErr            = -8,    /* Null pointer error. */ as pSeed pointer is not initialized...

regards, Igor

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