IPP: Inverse FFT on non packed data

IPP: Inverse FFT on non packed data

Hi everyone,

We have some troubles with optimizing our math algorithm.

We calculate the spectrum using FFT functions ant then we need to perform some mathematical operations on it.

The spectrum is in Pack/Perm or CCS format. We can convert it to complex data format but finally we want to take an inverse Fast Fourier transformation. 

We cannot find the IFFT function which takes complex data format as it's argument. There are no function to convert complex data format to Pack/Perm/CCS as well.

Could you  help us on that issue?

PS: There was IFFT function in old (SPL) library which calculated Inverse Fourier on the complex data. 

Thanks in advance,

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it's not clear are we talking about 2D or 1D FFT. but in both domains we have Inv/Fwd_CToC flavors:

IPPAPI (IppStatus, ippsFFTInv_CToC_32fc,
                   ( const Ipp32fc* pSrc, Ipp32fc* pDst,
                     const IppsFFTSpec_C_32fc* pFFTSpec, Ipp8u* pBuffer ))

IPPAPI (IppStatus, ippiFFTInv_CToC_32fc_C1R,
                   ( const Ipp32fc* pSrc, int srcStep,
                     Ipp32fc* pDst, int dstStep,
                     const IppiFFTSpec_C_32fc* pFFTSpec,
                     Ipp8u* pBuffer ))

regards, Igor

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